Democrats can’t have both
Brooke Butler

“ It is simply dishonest and ahistorical to pretend the majority of white working class people “just want jobs.”

Maybe if all you middle class folks spent more time with working class people instead of stereotyping us from a distance, it would help emancipate you from your wilful ignorance.

I oppose ALL stereotyping of my class, be it of white working class, black working class, Native American working class, desi working class.

But your class privilege is blinding you to what life is really like for working class people of all ethnicities.

Shame on you!

You simply have no empathy whatsoever with the experiences of people who aren’t middle class; white people are often racist, but you over-privileged middle class folks are classist too.

Why is it necessary to choose between racism and classism?

Why not choose both?

Anyone who supports racism and rejects classism, or who supports classism and rejects racism, is lamentably inconsistenty.

You and I agree that Black Lives Matter; it’s a pity, however, that you also think Middle Class Lives Matter.