Chapter 8: Give me Liberty, or Give Me Slumber (Honest Adolph Volume III) |
One Tongue Johnny

James Massey

On the topic of individualism, as discussed earlier.

Also, for some of the people here who I know like literary stuff:

Mike Essig Poppy Beth Dr Jacques COULARDEAU Erika Sauter Allan Ishac

This is hardly the most complex or sophisticated chapter of my novel; but it’s not all about that, all the time.

Feel free to check out more of the serial, if it’s interesting. I don’t know of anyone else who’s recently written a novel on the near future of the USA; so it’s a pretty current topic.

This chapter may have a bit too much philosophy for some tastes, in character for Saul Friedman; I’m taking the risk of throwing it out there anyway. On my Medium, there are some character sketches for some of the key figures in my novel; but the novel itself is the best way to introduce yourself to them, for those interested.

Justin Zhao

Not sure if you’re familiar with the Daoist, Yang Zhu? There’s a sneaky reference somewhere in this chapter; see if you can find it!

And finally:

Svetlana Voreskova is from the land of Yevgeny Zamyatin. Now this will be worth a look!

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