Any conversation about Christianity should include the very foundation of Christianity.
Larry Kelly

Nowadays, the ‘everyday’ self is fetishized and worshipped.

Cultivation and virtue are viewed with suspicion, and indeed outright hostility.

The idea that there might be anything else than Pornhub or getting plastered every night is inconceivable.

This is not entirely a new thing, but there seem to be fewer buffers against it. Or maybe it is just how it seems from my finite vantage point in history. What do you think, Larry?

I think a lot of the hostility to Christianity is understandable, given people’s individual life contexts, and bad experiences they may have had. But human fallenness, whether in Christian terms or in an everyday common sense philosophy of human nature, is a sorely neglected thing. Fallenness is very real, and it is not just a scam invented by clerical snake-oil peddlers (even if people are right to be on their guards).

And fallenness, in turn, demands the seeking of an alternative, of a healing.

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