The Trump team’s history of flirting with Holocaust deniers
Laurel Raymond

“ On Holocaust Remembrance Day, for example, the White House issued a statement that did not mention the Jewish people, an erasure that is also a common tactic of Holocaust deniers.”

What an utterly hilarious conspiracy theory!

If Holocaust denialism means everything, it means nothing.

Have you ANY IDEA how Holocaust Exceptionalists cheapen and trivialize the memory of victims and survivors by refusing to recognize its universality?!

There was no ‘Jewish Holocaust.’ This is a divisive myth, which utterly destroys any hope of parity of esteem between those tortured and abused by Nazis who, like Holocaust Exceptionalists, were devoted to group-think and collectivism.

There was a Holocaust of many people from many demographics, all singled out on the cause of identity.

The logic of Holocaust Exceptionalism and the logic of Nazism both share at least one key premise: a ruthless, relentless, remorseless hostility towards moral universalism.

Laurel, don’t say anything that might inadvertently give succor to Holocaust Exceptionalists. This kind of dangerous rhetoric is lethal; Hitler was an Aryan Exceptionalist, and Holocaust Exceptionalism is also a divisive ideology which sets up illegitimate hierarchies of esteem and of moral concern. Know your enemies. Nazis and Holocaust Exceptionalists alike are enemies of civilization, so Laurel, please don’t say anything that unwittingly leads to legitimizing EITHER faction.

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