I’m curious to know what “pomo jargon” is.
Robert D Skeels rdsathene

Postmodernist fundamentalists are now ‘educating’ me on how to write.

That’s a bit rich coming from a representative of the idiotic ideology whose sacred edicts include:

Capitalism is oppressive, manspreading is rape culture, niqab is liberation, campus microaggressions trump North Korean and Islamic State macroaggressions, black men eating tacos is cultural appropriation, the fall of the Soviet Union was the greatest disaster in history, any black or gay or Latino person to the right of Trotsky is an Uncle Tom, biological sex is an arbitrary social construct, Hitler and Stalin had the right idea about freedom of speech, and religions have inalienable and inviolable rights which trump the interests of individuals.

Do you ever listen to yourself?

I’m sure plenty of the idiots in the Party of God faction of the Republicans (who have exactly the same epistemology of the natural sciences as your type do, by the way) have been to university; indeed, some Young Earth Creationists (“right-wing postmodernists,” if you will! :P) even have science degrees.

So idly boasting about your qualifications doesn’t make you look any less idiotic.

I think you’d better learn some basic critical thinking and get back to us later.

For now, you’re a dead loss when it comes to any kind of serious discussion; you are completely out of your depth.