Raiding the Treasures of Egypt: To Hell With the Reductio ad Everyonium!

Dispassionately speaking;
By the current low standards of media discourse, I will get flak for using the term ‘rootless cosmopolitans’ in my rather cheeky and ‘disrespectful’ Macronophobic essay.
I am, however, strongly of the view that people should not be over-fastidious about where a phrase comes from; this is a kind of control mechanism wielded by Power.
The fact that something is hatemongering Stalinist/Nazi/Khmerite/Islamist/neocon jargon means very little to me.
One must not cede the least inch of ground to Gotcha-izing pundits.
After all, the phrase ‘soft bigotry of low expectations’ is associated with neocons; but should non-interventionists and anti-imperialists refuse to use it?
Have the courage of your convictions.
If you got it, flaunt it; and if you see it lying handy nearby, weaponize it!

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