Secular ‘Islamophobes’ are the Only True Friends Muslims Have

I keep saying it.

It’s those of us who are staunch secularists in the political realm, who will be the only ones standing up for Muslims.

Trigger-Happy SJWs and Safe-Spacer-Antispeecher-Fucks will be cowering in their bunker, wondering when Their Time will finally come, and begging the mountains and hills to fall on them, to save them from the wrath to come.

Non-Muslims who say ‘Islamophobia’ is real are not friends of Muslims; they merely cater to the ignorant, backward, primitive delusions and superstitions of Islamists and Islamic Exceptionalists.

The only people Muslims can count on, other than other Muslims, is secularists, who both know well and live out the truths better still, that Muslimophobia is real, and that Islamophobia isn’t, and that those who deny these self-evident truths are truly unworthy of life.

Muslims will find no friends or allies in the Regressive Left.

Postmodernists here, as ever always elsewhere, are fair weather friends, and will never to anything to assist Muslims or shield them from racists and fascists.

You can be anti-Muslimophobia or you can be anti-Islamophobia, but you can’t be both.

There is no middle ground, and there is no third option!

Be wise.

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