Well you obviously have no idea what they advocate for.
Svetlana Voreskova

Black villages.

Svetlana, the historical illiteracy here is staggering. Utopian socialists used to have similar ideas, and nothing came of it.

Then there was the ‘Chinese village’ of Mao, and the ‘Russian village’ of Stalin.

The Chinese have prospered to the degree that such wild-eyed ravings have been tempered by pragmatism.

And while there are problems in Russia (like the Russian wife-beating law, which made me extremely angry), no Russian person with two brain cells together would want to re-enter their lost Eden.

I love the way this ‘black village’ thing is presented as something new and sexy and innovative.

It’s just the same mundane, boring, ‘vanilla’ (!) speculative Utopian ravings of Mr Yogurt.

Do you think we could maybe get someone with a lot of time on their hands to write a 10 000 word tome on the ‘cultural appropriation’ BLM are practicing?!