I’m a software engineer.
Michael J. Kazin

A self-important, praise-demanding schmuck who assumes anyone who disagrees isn’t worthy.

That, my lad, is incredibly dishonest, and says a great deal more about you than it does about anyone else.

I don’t need the praise of talented mediocrities.

The fact you think I think you are a monster is utterly risible.

There’s a difference between a monster and a mundane boilerplate SJW.

You are probably as as far from extravagant vice as you are from exceptional virtue.

There is some simply stunning Freudian projection here.

I have no contempt or disgust whatsoever for those who have an honest agreement.

But wilful ignorance and an abject refusal to play by the rules of standard canonical norms of rational discourse are quite another matter.

There is no shame in disagreeing with me; there is all the shame in the world in getting into underhand and Jesuistical tactics, all in order to prove one’s exemplary virtue…

Of which there is little enough, God knows!

I don’t know why I’m wasting time speaking with you.

There are so many better candidates for a serious discussion; at least, judging by today’s showing, in any case.