Is It Okay to Punch an Islamist?
David Cohn

The sort of people who say it’s OK to punch Nazis believe in (or claim to believe in) the Muslim Brotherhood’s ‘Islamophobia’ conspiracy theory.

They don’t mind hatred against Muslims, but instead, they sanctimoniously moralize about ‘crimes against Islam,’ because the Regressive Left, as we all know, are collectivists; just like the fascist ‘alt-right’ and their far right Islamist best frenemies.

The Regressive Left, the Islamist Far Right, and the white supremacist Far Right, don’t know what to make of an openly gay Muslim man, or a Muslim woman wearing jeans and letting her hair blow freely in the wind. All three factions seem to be radically traumatized by any Muslims who don’t fit their stereotypical preconceptions.

So the hypocrisy doesn’t surprise me.

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