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“ The split-second these guys look around, see their chance, maybe they get a ‘Hillary’ in office next time out.. they will ramp up the liberal-progressive march, look for Creationists to beat up, demand Global Warming be solved with increased socialism and ridicule any Climatocaust Deniers as the worst kind of threat and would squeal in joy to jail them if they could.”

At first I thought we were looking at a bit too much espresso, but now I’m starting to think a bit too much Infowars?

Please, calm down. Liberals are not coming to take you all away and put you in FEMA camps.

Life really isn’t SO bad. Sit down, relax, kick back, have a Bud, smoke some stuff (yeah State dependent, more’s the pity!) and just have a bit of time to yourself. You’re really getting worked up about stuff that doesn’t really matter THAT much.

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