Your Calls For Unity Are Divisive As F*ck
Black Lives Matter

“ They’re experiencing a newfound sense of urgency that people of color have been experiencing since the dawn of white people.”

Like the Greeks who were colonized by the Ottoman barbarians?

Or the Barbary pirates that enslaved Europeans, and that caused so much trouble that Europeans actually have to INVADE Algeria in order to stop this piracy?

This is just utter ahistorical bullshit.

White people fuck over POC, POC fuck over white people, Jews and Arabs, Arabs and Jews, Mongols and Han, Han and Mongols, people and people.

The idea that there is some moral hierarchy here is just self-serving propaganda.

You focus on the crimes of one side, while pretending the factions of the other side never happened.

You are either ignorant or dishonest.

By all means you are free to challenge white racism and unequal power structures, you don’t need anyone else’s permission for that. But you do not get to make juvenile, pig-ignorant caricatures and distortions of history in the process.

Your view of history is neither egalitarian nor democratic.

It is oligarchical, if not outright monarchical and autocratic.

There is ZERO moral hierarchy either between white individuals and POC individuals OR indeed between the power structures associated with either set of individuals.

You are arguing from emotion, and not from dispassionate, evidence-based reasoning.

I’ve taken the time to write this, but I sincerely hope it was worth it.

You’re welcome!

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