Antisemitism and THE GIRL WHO WOULDN’T DIE
Katherine Locke

This is not an objective, dispassionate, scientific work of literary critique.

It is a strident, emotive, self-indulgent SJW rant.

I hope you can understand the difference?

I have better things to do than pointing out the blindingly obvious at length, so here are a few pointers before you end up losing whatever minor shreds of credibility you have left…


Pedantically seeking out historical errors as a form of self-congratulatory “gotcha-ism” has no place here. It is not a work of “history,” it is a work of “historical fiction.” I know postmodernists generally don’t accept this distinction, but… c’mon!

2. Arbitrary weaponization of personal anecdotes, as some kind of clincher, is irrelevant, and spoils any point you are trying to make.

3. The monotonously repetitive appeal to pretentious postmodernist/SJW/regressive leftist buzzwords like ‘problematic’ is one of the many things which makes you lose all possible credibility.

4. I really don’t have time to say anything more.