I’m a software engineer.
Michael J. Kazin

you’ve chose to ignore everything relevant to the issue in my response…

Well do excuse me for having trouble sifting through the weird, erratic ramble you just posted above, with its occasional outright incomprehensible patches, and its extravagantly exotic vocabulary! At one point you strayed into Neptunian ebonix, or some other kind of weird parody of US urban lingo.

The fact you assumed I was working in Silicon Valley suggests you might want to get your own house in order before sanctimoniously moralizing about the perceived shortcomings of others.

I may be a little thin-skinned at times, but I really do have very little patience for the kind of outlandish response you gave to my answer in the first instance. I really don’t know how to respond to such an utterly bizarre reply to my perfectly objective, rational and dispassionate response to the OP.