Yes, It’s OK to Mock and Deride the Weak: If You Don’t Agree, Here’s Why!

CS Lewis said that in the very end, there are only two fates for every one of us: ‘My will be done.’ Or ‘Thy will be done.’

Still, don’t forget the subtlety of Christian Dialectics:

She who renounces her will will find it. He who finds his will will lose it.

But note that this is not the slave morality that Nietzsche quite rightly feared.

The true slave, who lacks inner freedom and true virtue, and must only ape it, is the one who self-asserts while lacking a self.

On the other hand, only the strong, courageous, and beautiful, have the power to renounce their will, even when they have a claim on it.

God gave his beloved child Friedrich Nietzsche a special gift: the gift of being wrong when he was right, and right when wrong

In this, Nietzsche was close to true Christian orthodoxy. And why not? “All things work together for God,” even with those whose love for God is suppressed and stifled.

Just as Judas betrayed Christ, Nietzsche’s shallow acolytes and epigones have betrayed him also.

When vulgar-Nietzscheans mock ‘the weak,’ they do not realize that the ‘feeble’ they thus deride are beloved of God.

It is not the ailing of body or weak of mind that are accursed. It is those who are spineless, unscrupulous, bereft of backbone.

Nietzsche must bear the penalty of this misapprehension. How much more so, those who are sevenfold more the child of Hell than he!

Are you one of them?

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