Interesting that your sympathy for “smouldering orphans” is a source on animus toward Hillary.
Tom Christy

You can drop the vulgar-Jungian or otherwise amateur-psychoanalytic psychobabble, son. Hillbros talk about Tulsi Gabbard like a wife-beater or a rapist talks about their victims, and you have the damn cheek to call ME a misogynist…

If I were you, I’d get my own house in order before I make arbitrary allegations about others.

You folks can’t shit all over ‘women with an opinion’ when it suits your purposes, and then cry misogyny when the women you are subjecting to the other pole of your vile Madonna/Whore cult of personality get criticized.

I’m not being schooled on sexism by your type. You can shove that one up somewhere comfy, if you’ve got nowhere better to drop it.