Sub Crypto Conscious Currents of Energy

Around two months ago I had went on a Looney trip. My girl said I had a manic break, cousin said I had suffered from sleep deprivation and doctors said I smoked some bad bud ( weed ) . I had personally completely abandoned self to find out what the fuck is really going on in this world. In that abandonment I imagined that I solved all the worlds problem and that the people decided not to let the so called “powers that be” decided what is valuable to us and what to do with our time and energy.

Coming back from the Looney trip to reality my cousin told me who is a programmer the world isn’t always going to be like this. He said be patient, there’s something already here that is changing the world and shifting the balance of power. BITCOIN. Didn’t know what the fuck that was but watched a video and invested 100 in Bitcoin. After that I already seen the future and I returned to my Looney trip. Only thing, this time around the Looney trip now had a more sense of reality and Life was more of a dream.

Crypto currency transfers energy from the “powers that be” to the people. People have more control of currents of energy which is currency and have more capacity to do more. Ripple ( American Express ) is an attempt to get that energy back from Bitcoin which is for the people. Regardless the change has begun and the war on consciousness continues. This video I watched was free and informational and revolutionary. Enjoy :

Grace and Peace