Highest requirements of luxury welded with sophistication is what Hospitality Market thrives for

The star that shines brightly in the sky with the hospitality business, Cachet Hospitality Group in join hands with Merchants Hospitality Inc. brings back CEO Hospitality Soul to New York City after lengthy 30 years. This is rare of rarest events in the hospitality business where the union of three finest brands brings to you the most beneficial of hospitality standards ever knowledgeable.

Cachet Hospitality Group

Under the leadership of Alexander Mirza, The CHG has boomed as a brand name within the life-style hospitality with offices spread in Los Angeles, Bangkok, and Shanghai. Not merely this, Alexander Mirza, CEO to Cachet Hospitality Group holds the philosophy high to create a benchmark inside the field with innovative and socially accountable hospitality brand inside the Asia Pacific and North America in conjunction with its new inclusions in New York City and Carbo San Lucas.

Playboy Club Inc.

Convinced by the terrific tips by Alexander, to possess a trendier hospitality outlook, the head honchos of Playboy Club also join hands to bring back the brand to its most awaited destination, New York City. The opening up of your all-new style and excellent Cachet Boutique New York Hotel shortly will likely be one more milestone occasion in the Hospitality industry.

Merchant’s Hospitality Inc.

Merchant’s Hospitality is a further most shining name within the Hospitality sector which has developed, owned and operated some of one of the most luxurious tourist destinations across the Nation and Caribbean. The brand is now the committed companion to CHG developing a retail luxury and prime residential senior property of 219,242 sq. Ft around the upper East-side of Manhattan.