M2M Day 1: Mastering the Java programming language within a month

Inspired from Max Deutsch’s own ‘M2M’ program (you can read about his progress here), I’ve given myself a friendly ultimatum to master the Java programming language within my one month break from the University of California, San Diego.

My only prior programming experience is the quarter before, having taken an introductory (albeit debatable) Java course. Though, I plan on continuing the experience this month. A problem I’ve already come to encounter is the multitude of venues at my disposal; thus, choosing to emphasize on a singular, preferably better, option becomes difficult. The title of Day 1 is a misnomer. I’ve been practicing for 4 days now, and the route I’ve tentatively taken is to focus on CodeAcademy.

CodeAcademy Logo

Though, I’ve noticed that CodeAcademy doesn’t touch on university standard coding so I’m thinking of also reviewing CSE 11 course material as well beginning on Day 5. Thus far there isn’t a singular mission I have in mind to attest for my Java improvement come Day 30, therefore there is a large ambiguity. As the days pass by, I’m sure this “mission” will come to mind.

So, I will post daily of progress. Wish me luck as well as anyone else who wants to master a skill within a month.

P.S. To the final statement, I have invited others to try out this M2M method over winter break, as I encourage anyone else reading this.

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