The Quest for Perfection is Misguided

The modern quest for ‘perfection’ is doing more harm than good, so why do we continue to strive for it?

If you were an alien who’d crashed landed on earth in 2019, with no knowledge of social media, smartphones, and 24/7 celebrity culture, you might be forgiven for concluding that humanity is made up of a collection of super fit, super attractive superstars, obsessed with ensuring that every one of a seemingly endless list of perfect habits, important rituals and self-gratifying actions are achieved in a near constant quest for perfection.

Spend a little longer on earth and you’d soon…

In an age where ‘rights’ take center stage, we risk neglecting an equally important virtue — responsibility.

Testament to rapid social change over the last 100 years, progress towards more universal basic human rights has come along way. The creation of the Geneva conventions in the late 19th and early 20th centuries where followed by the adoption of the Universal Deceleration of Human Rights in 1948. Since then, further major changes have occurred; the decriminalization and later acceptance of homosexual acts, led, remarkably, to the implementation of same-sex marriage acts in dozens of western societies. At the same time, changes…

Our current political climate appears to increasingly favour tribal loyalties, identity politics, and a growing acknowledgement of the separation between us and them, whoever they might be.

Large fragments on both sides of the political spectrum are setting up their own barriers to an honest conversation; growing intolerance to opposing (or even slightly different) views is now a fundamental feature of both the left and the right. …

Jonathan James

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