Shopify & Breitbart: Don’t Boo, Unite.

Let me start by saying that I’ve used, and loved, the Shopify platform for about 5 years now. And I still do. I’m a full time web applications contractor and registered Shopify expert.

This Breitbart issue has resonated with me though. The normalization of this type of rhetoric is immensely dangerous for the US and around the world. The Breitbart ex-CEO now being the chief advisor to the president has unfortunately applied some justification to the explicitly hateful tone of Breitbart content. There is a lot of talk all around the web and social media about deleting/cancelling Shopify. I actually don’t think this is the answer.

Shopify customers should unite and protest in an organized way. Demonstrate the power of its customers in leading Shopify to a more informed decision.

Last Friday I deployed a new Shopify App. Shops can now “install” their objection to Breitbart. Please check it out when you can and spread the word if you feel it’s appropriate.

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