While messing around with SnapMaps today, I realized that we are literally only a few weeks / if not DAYS away from sitting around the house on a lazy Saturday afternoon, to being able to say …

“Hey Siri / Alexa… what are some really cool events happening right now in NYC on Snapchat (SnapMaps)?”

Then within 60 seconds, being able to hear a list of activities, picking a destination/(purchasing tickets if necessary), requesting an Uber, reserving a spot to eat at before the event, and inviting friends to join, all without even touching our phones….

Let that set in for minute…

Funny thing is, while all of this is happening, I’ve encountered not one, not two, but SEVEN business owners, this week alone, that still REFUSE to activitely manage an Instagram or Facebook page for their business lol It’s scary how much their losing out on…

Things are changing faster than we can even fathom.. it’s not a trend or a “fad.” The future is NOW.. YOU’RE the one that’s missing out..

So for all of the small business owners and entrepreneurs out there.. ask yourself.. How are you maximizing the success of your brand, by utilizing these FREE and revolutionary tools available to everyone?

At Fifth Borough Media, we live for connecting your brand with people in your area that may have never known you existed. We can even share your products on a global level. It’s literally the most exciting time to own a business in the history of mankind.

Don’t let the “Summer” months and fear of “Social Media” and the Internet be an excuse for why your business has “slowed down.”

Call or Text us today to discuss your goals and let’s connect your business with the rest of the 21st Century.


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