Why I’m a Brooklyn Jewish Democratic Socialist … for Hillary
Brad Lander

Another Progressive Brooklyn Jew For Hillary.

Thanks for sharing. I totally agree, Brad. Over the years, I’ve both worked for the Clintons (’92 campaign and 1st term White House) and campaigned aggressively against (Obama ’08 National Media Team).

This time, #I’mWithHer. 100%. Bernie brings an important spotlight to important issues, no doubt. I am truly grateful he decided to run and has gotten so far.

But we need a leader who can do more than lend a voice. We need a leader who can lead — meaningful action for meaningful progress. As we’ve seen from her impact as a public servant, both as NY’s senator and as Secretary of State, Hillary is a tireless champion for the public interest who fights to get things done.

If we care about accomplishing a progressive agenda, Hillary Clinton deserves our vote.

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