Facebook Must Be Accountable to the Public
danah boyd

Facebook should do everything in it’s power to ensure it’s users are exposed to all bias equally. The more bias we’re exposed to, the more depressed we’ll all be. The more depressed we are, the more we’ll spend on prescription drugs and entertainment, which is quite possibly good for the economy. Mark Zuckerburg announced a black box project that tracks and traces when users would break their mouse or keyboard upon reading outrageous blogs from right and left wing pundits. It turned out the software was able to successfully tag and hide articles flagged as highly unintelligent in hopes of preventing users from harming their personal computers or themselves. Fry’s threaten to sue Mr. Zuckerburg on account that mouse and keyboard sales were declining in cities that the software was being piloted. There was also data to suggest antidepressant sales also slumped. Facebook politely removed the feature, after closed door conversations were had with several key power brokers. If Facebook is guilty of anything, it’s guilty of spending too much time and money trying to give India free internet masked as digital equality. Which, some Berkley students argued, is insulting to Black Lives Matter.

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