7 Simple Ways to Beat Fear (Excerpt)

Strategies I used to go from addicted, to seven-digit business owner.

An excerpt from the self-titled eBook.

I Loved Baseball

I loved baseball during the Little League years.

I loved everything about the sport, from the way dust flew off my glove as I caught an incoming fastball, to the smell of fresh-cut grass on the field at the beginning of each new week.

I even loved the North Carolina humidity that drenched me in what felt like a bucket of sweat each time I set foot on the field.

I was free on the field. I was there, and only there.

I don’t remember ever feeling so “in the moment” as I did when I was playing baseball. And I was good at the game.

I had every intention of trying out for the school team the following year in high school.

Perhaps, it was the sheer anticipation of the transition to high school, or perhaps, it was just human nature.

Whatever the case, I was too afraid of failure, and of what people would think of me to try out for the high school baseball team.

When I saw all the other players warming up on the field during the first day of tryouts, I was convinced they were all much better than me. Their movements seemed so graceful, like the professionals on television.

In retrospect, something tells me if I could watch a video recording of the kids warming up that day, I would have a wildly different opinion about how professional they all looked. In fact, I was probably much better than some of the kids trying out, but fear overshadowed my ability to take any action.

Indeed, incomprehensible fear and insecurity ensured I never played baseball in high school.

I Was Too Afraid to Try Out

This turned out to be the first of many terrible decisions; decisions which were fueled by unwarranted fear.

It’s not always easy to recognize when or where the pattern of fear first takes shape, or what triggers it, but the results can be crippling.

Fear and doubt have the power to drain your inspiration, deplete your motivation, and hold you back from living a free, satisfied, and fulfilled life.

If you’re anything like me, you have probably caught yourself wasting time and energy, obsessing over irrational fears and doubts — instead of working toward accomplishing your dream. Spinning your wheels.

You’ve wasted more time than you would like to admit obsessing over the potential negative outcomes. Your mental focus is held hostage by the unrelenting, obsessive fear you can’t seem to escape. In the end, you’ve never realized your dreams because fear and discouraging thoughts snuff out any aspirations before they can grow into something real.

I have been held hostage by fear like that for most of my life.

For years, I allowed all types of fear, such as the fear of missing out, the fear of losing my status, the fear of not “succeeding”, and the fear of not being accepted to rule my life.

I avoided decisions.

I failed to act, which turns out to be the most vital part of overcoming fear.

Fear’s Impact on My Life

Years of listening to the lies in my own mind led to isolation, self-absorption and eventually addiction.

Alone and afraid, I boxed myself into a corner and found relief from the mounting pain by abusing drugs and alcohol.

I self-medicated for decades to mask the pain created by years of hiding from life. The substances provided a temporary false sense of confidence I was unable to find within myself because I hadn’t made the effort to solve the real problem.

After years of trial and error, and an urge to finally take charge of my life again, I found a way to be free of fear.

Now I want to share what I have learned with the world. It’s not a magic formula, just a few practical actions I call “7 Simple Ways to Beat Fear”.

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