Oregon Dems play politics with PANDAS/PANS, assault doctors and children

Oregon lawmakers in both the House and Senate unanimously voted to pass House Bill 2510, to recognize children suffering with Pediatric Autoimmune Neuropsychiatric Disorders Associated with Strep Infections and Pediatric Acute-Onset Neuropsychiatric Syndromes (PANDAS/PANS) that involve a misdirected autoimmune process that affects or weakens the blood-brain barrier.

Netflix produced Brain on Fire about the condition.

But, as soon as lawmakers were done patting each other on the back for giving children with PANDAS/PANS a day of “recognition” in October, they started ramming through the Legislature a highly controversial bill that betrays doctors and children.

House Bill 3063, would deny doctors from exempting children suffering with PANDAS/PANS from the forcible vaccinations as a condition of attending school or entering public spaces.

HB 3063 is so extreme that even children whose doctors choose to simply delay, spread out or forgo certain vaccinations will be thrown out of school.

Even Democrat Gov. Kate Brown — who is facing a federal class action lawsuit for her role in the foster system emergency that involves children being shipped across state lines into an insidious network of psychiatric facilities known for torturing children — saw the seriousness of this condition and had the heart to sign HB 2510 bill into law. But it could mean virtually nothing, as children whose doctors will be held hostage for Pharma and unable to give out medically-necessary exemptions (because of the reckless way the legislation was drafted and lawmakers’ unwillingness to do the right thing and either kill or fix the bill).

Per the bill, there are more questions than answers. The language of the bill endangers the lives of these children.

While lawmakers prattle on about the “intent” of the bill, they are dangerously ignoring the real life implications of the bill. The bill will allow for a board to veto providers using their medical judgement and practice in making a decision to provide an exemption to delay, spread out or forgo certain vaccinations. If the intent of the bill is that providers be allowed to write medical exemptions then why does the bill refer to a tightly controlled list of guidelines. According to direct correspondence with Andrew Kroger M.D., M.P.H., Communications and Education Branch, Immunization Service Division, National Immunization and Respiratory Diseases, Center for Disease Control and Prevention, Atlanta, GA, it would be inappropriate for anyone other than the treating provider to determine who should be allowed to get a medically-necessary exemption. The ACIP guidelines were never meant to be a population-based concept.

One in 200 children may have PANDAS/PANS. Currently, an estimated 4,000 Oregon children are affected and are often misdiagnosed and under-treated due to lack of awareness of the condition both among the general public AND the medical community.

Symptoms of PANDAS/PANS:

- Anxiety/OCD

- Behavioral Regression

- Decline in school performance

- Tics

- Acute Handwriting Difficulty

- Disordered Eating/Anorexia

In 2018, scientists and medical doctors petitioned the Department of Health & Human Services to add PANDAS/PANS to the Vaccine Injury Table as there is credible scientific and medical evidence to support a CAUSAL relationship between pertussis, Hib, and pneumococcal vaccines and PANDAS/PANS.

Not only are PANDAS/PANS children contraindicated for one or more liability-free vaccines, but according to the CDC VIS for live vaccines, their siblings are as well due to their family history.

Because only a very few medical providers in Oregon understand how to diagnose and manage symptoms of PANDAS/PANS, few Oregon practitioners are able and willing to write medical exemptions for these contraindicated children. Many parents of children suffering PANDAS/PANS are forced to seek treatment in other states.

There are only four doctors in the state that are considered literate in providing treatment or diagnosis and have a patient base that allows for them to provide. There are zero specialists and only six other physicians that recognize the condition, but are unable to provide necessary treatment.

HB 3063 is a violent assault on the state’s most vulnerable children and it is an outright attack on physicians who are trying to uphold their Hippocratic Oath. The bill has no place in our beautiful state and if lawmakers mean what they said with HB 2510, they will vote NO on House Bill 3063. If they don’t they should face lawsuits, recalls and the wrath of God.