Creating value in a competitive World.

Entrepreneurs, Consultants, professionals, students, teachers — this one is for you. This note aims at bringing every reader to a certain level of understanding about the power of creating value. The World today is competitive and every person, company, brand wants to be ahead of everyone else. This is the end purpose of everything industries are doing, to become a leader in their field and pursue financial success.

Now, I am not implying that this is wrong, healthy competition is encouraged, it’s great for companies to strive towards being excellent, it is great for people to upgrade themselves and equip themselves for a life of success. But… then what? I have a question to put forth here — How many of us are passionate about creating and providing value within our environment?

By this I mean, how many of us are passionate about seeing the people around us succeed and benefit from our resources as much as we do? After all, haven’t we seen this trend in our lives, wherein we go out of our way to serve someone else and the fulfillment we find in that is far more greater than pursuing individual success?

Economies, organizations, societies and even families thrive when the individuals that make up these bodies are passionate about creating and providing value to one another. Realistically, we all live under the same economic climate (referring to your particular geographical location irrespective of the demography of people in your area) so empowering one another is important.

My point is this — don’t hold back with your resources and knowledge. Provide value to the people who need your resources whenever you can. You’ll never know when your service to someone may come in handy to you someday. After all, a good name is more desirable than great riches.

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