Metaverse at Conference Paris

Are you going to Paris? If so, please read on…

Metaverse is Augmenting the venue, Maison de la Mutualité, and the city of Paris. Participants will have access to all kinds of Augmented Reality experiences, including contests of skill, knowledge, and valuable prizes.


To participate in the contests, you will benefit from a KEY, which you can find in the Metaverse, in the following locations :

London — Trafalgar Square

Silicon Valley — Sand Hill road

Barcelona — Ciutadella Park

Amsterdam — Dam Square

Berlin — Grober Tiergarden

San Diego — Balboa Park

New York — Great Lawn Central Park

Los Angeles — Third Street Promenade

Seattle — Space Needle

Austin — Brush Square

Hong Kong — Times Square

Tel Aviv — Kikar Kamedina

Sydney — Hyde Park

Moscow — Red Square

Paris — Eiffel Tower

NOTE : If you are not able to visit any of the listed locations, you may have a friend who can do it get the key, and transfer it to you (easy to do in the app).


1. Install Metaverse App

iOS and Android

2. Go to one of the listed locations
Interact with the Key, and it will be added to your inventory