One day, you wake up early in the morning, get dressed with your best attitude, and go out to face your routine with more positive energy than a proton. You adjust the rearview mirror and check for your car engine to be working properly. You get out on the street, with caution, attentive of everything around you. You take your time and space to push the brake before a red light, and next thing you know, you feel an unexpected jolt from behind. No doubt, there has been a crash. Your plan for the day, your attitude, your smile, all vanished in a blink. Wrecked bumper, lights, and paintwork… and on top of it all, an hour wasted under the sun waiting for the insurance investigator, and then another before the traffic officer arrives.

Well, believe it or not, such a disheartening experience may now be avoided with our new DAM. Yes, just like you heard it: DAM! (for “Minor Accident Declaration” in Spanish). With this new system, approved by Decree of the Executive Government last August, the parties involved in a collision that has produced nothing beyond material damage, may reach an agreement, fill out a form, and visit, with no further ado, an authorized shop to get their vehicles repaired.

A Minor Accident Declaration (DAM) consists of a single form that may be used after any crash, whether or not the parties involved are insured, but as long as no one has been injured, and provided that one of the parties has assumed full responsibility for the incident. If this party breaches the agreement, the other may then turn to the judicial proceedings, but now with a proof of culpability.


1. Only material damage is involved.

2. One of the parties assumes full responsibility for the incident.

3. It is not necessary to call a traffic officer.

4. You must fill out a special form.

If you wish more information or to obtain a copy of the DAM form, please contact us at


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