How a Yankee Fan Rationalizes Rooting for the Mets

  1. My wife is from Queens
  2. My son’s sneakers are royal blue and orange
  3. I mistakenly thought that Steven Matz was Jewish. I am Jewish.
  4. Riverdale isn’t REALLY the Bronx.
  5. We have visited the Queens zoo more than the Bronx zoo.
  6. My running sneakers are also royal blue and orange.
  7. Derek Jeter is retired.
  8. The Wilpons got screwed by Bernie Madoff and I feel bad for them.
  9. I had long hair just like DeGrom and Syndegaard when I played baseball in high school.
  11. Because I really owe it to my kids to get them excited about baseball and competitive sports
  12. I think that the designated hitter is anathema to all that is right and holy
  13. Ron Darling and Keith Hernandez could kick Jon Sterling’s ass.