The Product Spectrum
Sacha Greif

My experience differs from this. I’ve worked in contract, consulting, freelance and now B2B SaaS.

There is something very hard about Productized Consulting —it’s business model pulling in two directions at once.

What I’ve seen is the product always suffers. It’s always impossible to carve out the time to work on the product. No matter how hard you try (and I’ve seen it attempted numerous times).

Plus, the consulting side is very lucrative on a unit basis. You can make potentially large sums -now-, rather than a longer term investment in the product size. This is very hard to balance. As a business, you’ll always be drawn to the consulting because it keeps the engine running.

B2C SaaS is a much bigger bet, but you either do or don’t so. Not sure that counts as hard — just different.

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