Blog Project 2 and 3

Blog 2

Format: Magazine

Audience: Young kids who’s parents are in jail

Purpose: To argue that kids are suffering today when they have parents in prison

Effectiveness: This magazine effectively achieves its purpose of showing that kids suffer when they don’t have a parent in the home. when the child does not have a parent in the home it limits the child’s growth. It is very scary for a child to go see their parent behind bars and not able to be apart of their child’s life. This picture shows that the young boy is sad and is wanting his father with him. The father looks very sad also. This shows that both the parent and the child is affected when the parent is in prison.

Blog 3

Child obesity

I sit in the dark
press my cheek to the cool tiles
trying not to cry
as you sleep soundly
the rasp of my breath
is overwhelmed
the refrigerator
hums to me
my childhood lullaby
will I have children to sing to?
who would love me?
is there just to much of me to care about?
empty calories don’t fill empty hearts
what is so repulsive about me?
my shirts scream the right things
they only see the letters on the tag
(yes, there is more then one)
you coo to me I’m beautiful
that some day people will see past
it’s just a stage, baby fat.
a 14 year stage, mom?
I am dying.
I’m past the point of salvaging
my. heart. will. stop.
maybe from my body shutting down
rejecting me just like the boys in school
or… maybe from my own hand
my own loneliness
do you even realize I’m lonely?
can’t you see how much I’m hurting?
oh my god, I can’t even tell you…
this is too hard.
how do I stop something so strong?
I need to try to fight this!
I need help.

Format: Poem

Audience: General Public

Purpose: To inform the public that child obesity is no joke and that more and more children are becoming this way.

Effectiveness: This poem effectively achieves its purpose of showing that obesity in kids only make the child suffer. This poem is showing how this kid is feeling and how serious this issue is. This issue affects the child’d health and puts that child in a huge risk factor for that child. Having a child that is in this condition can mess up this child ; bullying, low self esteem, depression, emotional eating and a lot more but these are a few things that make this Powerful

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