Deploying create-react-app to S3 or CloudFront
Marc Garreau

Great write up. Thanks!

We builded the same stack on our last project. We have the script for deployment as a npm task. Works like a charm.

There is one conversation that we are having with the team, related to how we can improve the deploy process after every update on the React App. We deploy a new version of the React App and at the same time we deploy changes on the API server. Now, the cdn version hits the new API. We could use version on the API but we need to asume the worst case escenario, like we had to make a change on the Prod Db Schema and now the old API won’t work (not without a lot of work that could lead to new problems).

What do you think it’s the best way to deal with the CDN in this case? Just ask for patience to the clients until the CDN get the last files? 😅

Thanks again! Cheers