On The White App Icon

I blame iOS7.

Bring on the flatter design and less clunky interface and with it comes a ton of white icons. Unfortunately, this problem hasn’t gotten that much better since.

When flat became the new black, many app designers and developers decided that, in order to catch up to the times and look more minimalistic, they needed a flat, white icon. While some apps have since abandoned it for more creative and attractive icons, many are still sporting their all white icons.

I’ll admit… for many, this isn’t an issue.

Most people could care less what the icon to their weather, news, or productivity icon looks like. For those of us that are a little more — picky, it does matter. My homescreen is something I look at multiple times a day on multiple devices and I want it to look pleasing. Multiple white icons across the screen is not pleasing, it’s boring.

So this is the plea… find another color.

Make it look nice. But please don’t use the white app icon. It shows little creativity and imagination. It doesn’t let you stand out. It crowds my homescreen.


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