Why I’ve Been Using Apple’s Notes App More

I’ve been an avid Drafts user for years. I’ve bought the app twice and have a lot of different shortcuts I use to send quick notes different places. While I love apps and productivity, callback URLs and complex workflows aren’t a strong suite of mine. Because of that, most of my actions in Drafts are simple, one to 2 step actions.

One of the actions I use the most, being a pastor, is an action that sends a draft to my sermon ideas folder in Evernote. The problem with this has always been that I often read from my paper Bible when these inspirations come. I’m a Bible notetaker, so the original idea is usually lying somewhere in my margins. Because of the way Drafts works, it’s always been a little bit of an issue getting a photo of my Bible’s notes into the note. Thanks to the share sheet and Apple notes, this is now less of a problem.

Here’s how that workflow has been looking as of late…

  • Open Notes App
  • Take photo of Bible
  • Add some quick thoughts that are sermon worthy (maybe a title or a couple of thoughts to expound on the idea)
  • Use the share sheet to send to Evernote

Since for years I’ve had a recurring task in ToDoist once a week to “Clean out Evernote Inbox,” these notes are safe there until I send them to the notebook. I’ve been using a similar workflow for anything with a photo or anything that needs my quick sketching abilities.

This has proved to be faster than opening Evernote, clearing touch ID (I have a passcode on my Evernote app), and then filling in the details.

The more I use it, the more I like the new Apple notes. From quick ideas to clipping links, it’s proved to come in handy.

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