How To Make Your Research Paper Stand Out With VANCOUVER REFERENCING GENERATOR

Research Paper Stand Out


When you include someone else’s research in your work, it is important for you to give the credit to support your claims. Referencing is a method of acknowledge the source from where data has been derived. There are a number of reasons why referencing should be opted:

· To provide the reader with original source your work.

· To avoid plagiarism that is considered to be a crime.

· To prove the reader that a though research has been performed.

· To add credibility to your work.

· To acknowledge the intellectual property of others.

There are two components of referencing, in-text and reference list.

In-text Referencing:

In in-text referencing, you must provide a reference every time you refer to another source to support your ideas. For example:

“…particularly those with very high name-brand recognition.” (1)

Reference List:

If a reference appears in your content, a corresponding entry that contains full bibliographic detail should appear in reference list. For example:

Klein, 2008, No Logo, Picador, Canada.

If referencing is not done and the reader identifies that the idea is copied from someone else, it makes the reader think that you have cheated. Plagiarism is a fraud. Even if you have copied someone’s idea and paraphrased it in your words, it will also be considered as plagiarism.

Vancouver Referencing:

Vancouver Referencing is usually done in the field of medicine and science. It is adopted by International Committee of Medical Journal Editors (ICMJE) and over 1,000 other medical journal as a part of their Uniform Requirements for Manuscripts to Biometric Journals. The reference list should be in numerical order when using Vancouver Style. List is supposed to be at the end of your work written in particular format. All the references must be numbered and the list should be arranged chronologically. If one source at a time is cited, each reference number should be listed separately with a comma or dash in between each reference. Following is the example of referencing in Vancouver style.

In-text example:

Their apparent bigness is simply the most effective route toward their real goal: divestment of the world of things. (1)

Last Thing:

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