Knowledge is Power ONLY when you APPLY it.

“Knowledge is Power” — I agree and disagree.

For the last 7 years, I have been learning and learning and learning from Books, Audios, Online Courses, Coachs and Mentors about Passive Income, Multiple Streams of Income, Trading, Property, Online Marketing, Network Marketing, Affiliate Marketing and all of those “How you can make £££ in 12 months” etc and have never really gotten really far into it?

“Why’s that?” Jim asks.

Well Jim, I spent so many of my time just learning and learning, I also applied here and there to get things working to a certain point and then I decide it wasn’t for me? Why? Because unconsciously I had my core beliefs sitting inside being afraid to actually “succeed”.

“How can you be afraid to succeed? Jim asks.

Great question Jim, you see — unconsciously in my core beliefs I have a very strong core belief of “not being capable” belief that has been driving my behaviours, which unconsciously sabotages me in EVERYTHING I do, YES EVERYTHING — everytime I get great at something, I stop because I’m afraid to go beyond of what I’m capable of achieving.

“WOW, that’s scary..” said Jim

Absolutely it is, which is why I chose to just implement everything that gets “RESULTS” into my life in all areas of my life in the last 2 years at Limit Break Lifestyle and also a reason why you maybe seeing “wow Jono, so much has happened with you and Ich, you guys are everywhere, so many times on stage, speaking and training and making a difference in peoples lives”.

“That’s amazing results!” — Jim

Thank you, I appreciate you and I appreciate and thank absolutely everyone that has been in our journey for the past number of years, without your support and energy behind us, we wouldn’t have achieved so much in 2 years than 7 years of just learning.

“What really changed for you? — Jim

We basically chose to just implement absolutely everything that works into our business and tryout everything that doesn’t work, which does mean “FAILING” and “MAKING MISTAKES” — now we just love it because that’s the only way we will find out if things work out for us and our business model, everyone has a different model and not every “strategy” works for everyone — you have to trial it and tweak it in your own model.

There is no “shortcut” in life, which means there is no “shortcut” in business because the “BUSINESS IS A DIRECT EXTENSION OF WHO YOU ARE” and that is why you see those “successful business leaders” are constantly “growing, learning and always striving to be better than who they were the day before”.

This post isn’t written to impress you but hopefully to inspire you to not be afraid of following your heart and creating what you love in your life. Let’s face it, we only live up to 90–110+ years old.

The question is what are you going to create with the time that you have now.

Much love ❤

Live life with no limits!

Jono Poon