How Thomas Edison Described His Most Productive Days as an Inventor
Thomas Oppong

As I am Edison’s heir (my great-great-grandfather), and have inherited his gift for invention. Here is the secret. Each of us is not one but two. One speaks all the time, never shuts up, talk, talk, talk. The Other is silent, but the other does all the REAL THINKING!!! Our job is to provide The Other with clear and well defined objectives. Then learn how to shut up and listen. The answer always presents itself given enough time.

It’s that simple.

It’s that complicated.

If you are not listening, it’s quite easy to miss hearing the solution.

My failure, as Edison's heir, was too much success too fast. I set out to change the world, and succeeded before my 31st birthday. It has taken me until yesterday to realize it’s not important. If you can do something once, doing it again should be trivial.

See you all on Mars! :^).

I’m going to shut up now, and listen for new answers.

P.S. Thinking IS doing something, but it’s not necessarily something USEFUL. That depends on the outcome of the WORK.

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