Ask Ethan: Is there a center of the Universe?
Ethan Siegel


Time is a very troublesome quantity, it’s not a vector, it’s not a scalar, it’s not a field. This is why I prefer to think of the universe in terms of x,y,z, and G. G of course, is Gravity. It has some significant advantages. For one thing, G is quite clearly a vector, and and region of space is a vector field. There’s one anomaly. Wherever in space G equals Zero (say at a La Grange point, balanced perfectly between equivalent gravity wells). In such places there is no value or vector for G, or anything for that matter. This is where we should be looking for new insights. The edge of the Universe isn’t at the edge at all, it’s wherever there is no gravity, and also perhaps where gravity becomes infinite (a.k.a. at any b-hole event horizon).

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