My experiment with gravity was a series of four poems about it.
Mary Holden

Experimenting. Outstanding! It’s the only reliable way to learn anything.

The theorists produce results because there are multitudes of them, and a certain percentage of what they produce is bound to be correct (probability and statistics assures that much).

What I have never understood. What I still do not understand. Is why there are so few Empirical Scientists.

It seems odd. Anyone who bothers to check, can verify this. 100% of what the Empirical Scientists have produced has so far been 100% correct. Empirical Science accounts for at least 99% of all human technological progress since the dawn of time.

Do people just prefer failure?

Are people afraid of success?

Perhaps they just never thought about it?

Perhaps they do know, but don’t want to verify it for themselves?

My take on it is this. Running your own experiments, and checking the results against reality, is the beginning of responsibility. In my observation, there is nothing that people desire more than power and nothing they avoid more studiously than responsibility.

Anyone who looks can discover this for themselves. Power and Responsibility are indelibly bonded together. They can no more be separated than life and death. They are two sides of a coin. Without one, the other does not exists. This is no less a Law of Nature in this Universe, than F=MA.

If you can shed any light on this curious phenomenon, it would be greatly appreciated.

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