Harry Potter Fans reportedly “hate” J.K.Rowling’s Cursed Child

The theatrical production set 19 years after the events of Harry Potter was met with mixed reviews when it premiered in London. But as the clock struck twelve, disappointing 1-star book reviews began popping among Harry Potter fans across all the social medias.

“Cursed Child was written like a Horrible Fan Fiction story”, fans reported. One fan tweeted: “I finished Cursed Child three hours ago and I still can’t get over how BAD it was.
One wrote: “Who else is re-reading all the Harry Potter books right now to try and cleanse their brain of the #CursedChild ?”
Another declared: “Oh look it’s us being happy and excited before we realised the cursed child is basically a bad fanfic.

A general and recurring outcry from fans was how the script reads like bad fan fiction, and hold nothing of the magical, whimsical universe of the boy wizard that we all grow to love.

J.K. Rowling herself declared on multiple instances that the story was meant for stage as a Harry Potter experience, so perhaps she shouldn’t have given into fans with a book release. Soon after its release, Rowling announced it would be the last part of Harry Potter’s story.

“Harry is done.”

Many fans admit they wish J.K.Rowling would leave her story alone, (“it feels like she is milking a dead cow”) and focus on other projects instead, such as the Fantastic Beasts pentalogy she is co-writing.