Be encouraged by what has already been achieved, not discouraged.

Photo by asmuSe

If you consume any form of media, there is without a doubt that you are exposed to all the bling bling, glamour and success that society’s so called idols, influencers and insta-celebs showcase.

And there is nothing wrong with that, they more than likely obtained such success through the right means of hardwork and discipline. They deserve the right to stand on top of the tallest tower and let everyone know that they finally made it.

You may even have your own array of idols, celebrities or social media influencers who you follow. Actually… I’m positive you do, I sure do.

What we as followers and consumers of such media need to realise is that there is a very fine line between admiration and jealously.

You may see somebody Instagram a picture of their new Rolex or Louis handbag or even the new Jordans that are trending on Twitter.

You can choose to admire it and move on with your life and stay focused on your goals or you can allow envy to take over, asking “why aren’t I as lucky as them?” or “oh man, I want that kind of life!”.

Maybe you see a super successful musician, artist or entrepreneur in a viral video or trending all over social media. “dang its awesome that they’ve gotten to that level” OR “there’s no point in me even trying when there’s already people like that”.

You can either let it work against you or with you, motivate you or demotivate you. People fail to realise that there is a simple message behind the success of some of society’s most influential people today.

The opportunity for you to create the life you want is available, have faith and work towards it.

The success they showcase should serve as a reminder of what you can achieve rather than as a reason why you shouldn’t bother trying.