Feeding your mind the right thoughts.

Photo by pepperminting

Too often individuals dwell on what they lack, things they don’t have and things they cannot do. The subconscious mind operates voluntarily, it continually seeks new thoughts and information from your environment to process . When the only source available to it are thoughts of doubt, fear and negativity it’ll tend to transmute it into its physical or emotional equivalent. Illness, depression or just in general, poor health both physically and mentally.

Little things do make a difference! Each day, set some time away to note down 3 things you are grateful for whether it be big or small! Maybe its your daily coffee, sunny days, your cozy bed, that one awesome friend or the loving family you get to come home to everyday.

The mind is a very unpredictable one as well, one day it can be telling you how amazingly awesome you are and other days it’ll be mocking you, berating you and pointing out your flaws. When you come across this just practice gratitude.

Personally, I like to remind myself how lucky I am to be born as a human in this exact era. Do a quick google search of the odds of you being born, the odds are so against you that scientists have concluded that its basically zero!

You are literally a walking miracle, start counting your blessings.