When Segregation is the Innovation

  1. Through local initiative of school committee members, a superintendent, a mayor, a teachers group or union, and parents. .
  2. Through the state’s Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE) Commissioner’s choice from schools determined to be “underperforming” by high stakes testing metrics.

For the wealthy in our state they have already figured out the greatest innovation of all: a guarantee of quality for every school. In fact, that is not only the most effective innovation, it’s also the quickest path towards equity and justice for our communities.

And so I ask, why is this governor trying to rush an unproven model that segregates our students, strips away community voice, and does little to bring true justice to the wider school system?

Black and brown communities are tired of being promised a shiny, special thing and being delivered much less than we deserve and what others just a few miles away already have by right.



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Jonathan Rodrigues

Jonathan Rodrigues

Labor organizing, history nerd. Trying to put faith into action. Thoughts from Capitol Hill to Beacon Hill.