Did Not Listening.

This essay will be comparing the short story “To Build a Fire” by Jack London, and “Young Goodman Brown “ by Nathaniel Hawthorne. On a light read, you can see some similarities and difference. My argument will be the most important similarities, and difference about the setting, the nature of the main characters, and the end. “To build a Fire” have a conflict of man vs nature, when “The man” have to defeat his environment. Who was lacking with so important survives skills for that environment. “Young Goodman Brown” have a conflicted man vs self, the main character who have his name on the title of the short story wanted to find out what is be on evil.


On both stories were devolved on the perfect place and time. “To Build a Fire” took place in the freezing forest at the territory of Yukon, Canada. Where “The man” must survive on a temperature fifty degrees below zero, and this temperature gets it colder. The wheatear took the roll of antagonizes fighting against the man. The wheatear was messing up all the plan of the man, even when the man leaked of planning ability “At a place where there were no signs, where the soft, unbroken snow seemed to advertise solidity beneath, the man broke through. It was not deep. He wet himself halfway to the knees before he floundered out to the firm crust”(London.128) In this you can see how the whatever directions the man took was something waiting for him. until he dead. By the hand on “Young Goodman Brown’’ took place on Salem’s forest, and Mr. Brown decided to start this journey just with an almost stranger. Just talking about Salem’s Nature you can guess nothing good will come from there, Mr. Brown could not saw like that. On this forest took place a dream but we can be a hundred percent sure about was just a dream or a real ceremony, the only thing we can sure Mr. Brown did not get out as he used to be. As soon Mr. Brown got into the forest he saw and listened the most respectable people of his village, people who supposedly Mr. Brown Kwen pretty well, and he refused to believe on what he listened and saw it, they were doing things they never do outside the forest. The similarity of those two the setting created the climax and pushed both characters to their limits. The difference between both was on “Young Goodman Brown” the setting destroyed his faith, and “To Build a Fire” killed the man, however, the man could be free. “He did not belong with himself any more, for even then he was out of himself” (London.133)


Both characters were young when those short stories took places, both were so arrogance, they did not listen to any advice. However, that was his personality they could not change even if they try. On “To Build a Fire” The man did not listen to the old man’s advice. The man was so clear on what he said, he went through every winter he knew how to survive. By the hand on “Young Goodman Brown” he had a legacy his father and even his grandfather never put feet on the forest they had the strongest faith, but the personality of Mr. Brown was adventurous, even when the custom refused him to try new things, he took a step forward. And the cost of that was his peace of mind. What is the similarity between the man and Mr. Brown both were had a test of faith the man belief on his self. He thought he was invincible, but he fails versus nature. Mr. Brown looked for a reason for keep believing on his faith, so the evil put his test and showed to him the cruel reality of everything have good and evil. They fatal flaw was arrogance.

The End

Both men chose until the end. Both stories concluded with men changed their life just after the tested of faith. The stories went to differences endings. On “Young Goodman Brown” he returned to his village but nobody looks like they use to be. Mr. Brown collapsed he had a sad ending “his dying hour was gloom”(London.385). But on “To Build a Fire” the man die, but he die with peace “Freezing was not as bad as people thought” it give to you a picture of dying sleeping “Seemed to him the most comfortable and satisfying sleep he had ever known”(London.133)

In conclusion “To Build a Fire” and “Young Goodman Brown” had some similarities and differences but both had the same formula. London and Hawthorne put so meaning on the setting and created a good personality of the main character and bothBoth characters fly too high of the sun burned his wings trying to be like something they do not are.

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