How to trick your iPhone into downloading 150mb+ files without WiFi.

This is a glorious little travel hack, life hack, phone hack, whatever, that I figured out while up in New Hampshire for a wifi-less weekend of climbing and lake-house shenanigans!

I had brought my DJI Mavic Pro and was about to turn it on to do some over lake flying and capture some nice aerial shots. But I remembered that after the last update, for whatever reason, even with “beginner mode” toggled off I couldn’t fly the drone more than like 100-feet away from me. The solution, I read, was to uninstall and re-download the DJI GO app.

So, I deleted the app. Then I went into the App Store, and upon trying to reinstall, I saw this:

So the problem before was I couldn’t fly the drone high or far enough away. Now, I couldn’t fly it at all.

No WiFi, no app.

I couldn’t believe it. Surely I could just go into my settings and flip the switch, give permission, say hey phone, just download it! I don’t care, use the data, just do it!

But nope. No cigar.

Hold on…

What if…


I discovered a way. The idea I tested, that worked like a charm, was this:

Step 1: Have a friend (who’s willing to part with a bit of data).

Step 2: You friend turns on their phone’s personal hotspot.

Step 3: Use your phone to join that hotspot.

Voila, you have WiFi!

The phone thinks it does anyway. And that’s enough to trigger the download of any app you need or want over the 150mb WiFi limit.

Maybe next I’ll tell you how to trick Delta in-flight WiFi into giving you full access, for social media, email, or whatever outside of the Gogo in-flight entertainment app, for free!