Limitless Mindset kicked off Youtube

I got some bad news this week. I received three community strikes within 24 hours and the Limitless Mindset Youtube channel with 600 videos and 13,000 subscribers was deleted.

I want explain why and my plans going forward…

Youtube is NOT a free speech platform.

In fact it seems to be really quite opposed to free speech. For the longest time I didn’t really think this would be that big of a problem because my channel is about mindset and health but the censors at Youtube don’t draw a distinction between videos of promoting the use and abuse of narcotics and people like me making educational videos about science and responsible usage of legal supplements.

I think I got the strikes because I spoke honestly about Kratom, a lot of people who use Kratom are recovering heroin and opioid addicts. They are justifiably paranoid that the federal government is going to ban Kratom. I personally don’t have anything against Kratom, I’d like it to stay legal so that Opioid addicts can use it to taper off worse drugs and so that people with PTSD or chronic pain can use it. I made some videos explaining what the Kratom community should do to try to keep Kratom legal and the American Kratom Association totally ignored my suggestions. 
These fairly hysterical Kratom activists have been quite rude to me for years on the internet but I’m really not certain that they targetted my channel and if my being kicked off Youtube is because of my stance on Kratom.

The good news…

Is that I’m going to continue to make videos and podcasts about Nootropics and Biohacking. I may even make some videos about Kratom BUT I’m not going to distribute them on Youtube, at least not for a while.

Please join and follow me on at least one of these free speech platforms

  • Gab.AI — This is a free speech version of Twitter with shorter status updates.
  • — This is like a free speech version of Facebook with discussion groups.
  • Steemit — This is an article platform for readers and writers.
  • D.Tube — This is a distributed version of Youtube. This is where you can find all the documentaries that are too interesting for Youtube!
  • My podcast on Castbox.FM app

And of course my website! Please join my email newsletter there.

I realize that these platforms are slightly less convenient than using Youtube, Youtube really is marvelously convenient, but the price of that convenience is very high… The price is the truth.

Youtube creators like me work very hard to research and make videos for you but to be honest we’re not totally honest because we’re in constant fear that Youtube might randomly kick us off their platform. We have a sword of Damocles hanging over our heads that can fall at any moment.

There might be a certain biohacking supplement, technology or strategy that could really help you, that you might really want to know about that might help you or someone close to you to overcome some debilitating health condition but you’re NOT going to hear about it if it could possibly, somehow be misconstrued as something edgy or offensive to a totally ignorant censor at Youtube or to someone out there on the internet that hits that flag and report button on a video.
If truth matters to you I urge you to get off Youtube!

I’m thankfully to Youtube because their platform helped me to build an audience but they are going in this weirdly puritanical direction of trying to thought police everybody.

Eventually this hysterical mob that wants to censor everyone they disagree with will come for you so please join and support the free speech platforms on the Internet now.

But at the same time I need to take some responsibility. This is probably not soley the fault of Youtube’s bad policies or some hysterical activists. It’s also probably my fault. In some of my videos I could have been more explicit about advocating for conservative usage and dosage of Nootropics.
I’m sorry about the inconvenience. I’m sorry to everyone who enjoyed my channel. I’m sorry about all the Youtube videos embedded on website and articles that are now broken. I’m especially sorry to everyone out there who suffers from crippling depression or lack of focus or cognitive decline who could really be helped by my videos about Piracetam or no fap or whatever.

Ads vs Freedom

Several brilliant philosophers and technologist have said that nearly all of the problems that the internet has now with free speech are because of the online advertising business model which is how Youtube, Facebook and Google actually make money.
Checkout the TEDx video We’re building a dystopia just to make people click on ads

The free speech platforms don’t have ads! They are either membership supported or they have very clever schemes where creators get paid a tiny bit of cryptocurrency every time someone views their article or video. These are much less perverse economic incentives that actually encourage meritocracy and truth as opposed scandal, hysteria and exageration.

Youtube and the mainstream social media apps and websites are psychologically engineered to be very addictive and encourage your impulsive usage of them. They encourage this frenetic, frenzied lower consciousness state of mind.

Checkout my podcast reviewing the book The Shallows where I explain that chronic internet use has a similar effect on our minds as chronic heroin use does.
The free speech platforms on the internet are not quite as addictive and intuitive. They work pretty good but are not something that’s going to suck you in for hours at a time.

I have appealed Youtube’s decision to suspend my channel, because I demonstrated that a computer error was a factor in one of the community strikes I recieved. But I really don’t know if they are going to restore it and if they do restore it I really don’t know how long it’s going to be before some how something I say offends someone out there on the internet and then my channel goes down again.

Yesterday I was talking to my girlfriend about my channel being deleted and she was a bit surprised that I wasn’t like super enraged and more upset that my channel with 13,000 subscribers that I worked on for 5 years was just flippantly deleted. I’m honestly NOT that bothered because, I know that my audience that actually matters will follow me to whatever platform I go to. I’m honestly kind of relieved and excited about the future because I was increasingly unhappy with Youtube and now I have an excuse to just devote all my energies to the free speech platforms on the Internet.

I look forward to a continued conversation with you somewhere on the Internet that respects free speech!

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Apr 24

Is Modafinil a real life cheat code?

I’ll make the case that Modafinil is a real life cheat code for myself and many other high performers; entrepreneurs, writers, celebrities, athletes and even politicians.

Many of us spent a lot of time in our youth gaming; rescuing princesses in pixelated towers, furnishing our Sim’s houses, fighting aliens in space battles, killing monsters in Black Mesa, leveling up our character’s skills or building Roman cities.

And most of us used cheat codes from time to time. I belong to the generation that gamed before the internet proliferated every aspect of life. Often you actually could NOT find cheat codes on the internet. The only place you could find cheat codes was in the back of the game’s cheat guide which you had to buy separately. You would spend hours and hours trying to figure out a puzzle or build up enough resources to go to war with the mongols or whatever and after failing repeatedly you would walk back down to the video game store and have to pony up another $12 for the cheat guide.

But we wouldn’t buy games just to cheat, we would cheat so that we could get ahead in the game. If you’re like me you really resisted using cheat codes, preferred to earn your progress and used cheat codes sparingly so that you could build some momentum of progress through the game and actually enjoy it as opposed to getting bogged down in one level and unmotivated.

The cognitive enhancer Modafinil is highly analogous to this, I’ll make the case here that it’s a real life cheat code for me and many other high performers; entrepreneurs, writers, celebrities, athletes and even politicians. Here’s why…

Jocko Willink, a highly decorated retired US Navy SEAL and bestselling author, is perhaps most famous for saying that…

Discipline equals freedom.

Similarly I like to say that…

Discipline is the ultimate lifehack because discipline gives you any other thing that you desire.

Do you desire wealth and money to enjoy the finer things in life?
Work persistently with discipline and focus to provide value to the world and you’ll be rewarded richly.

Do you desire a sexy girlfriend (or boyfriend)?
Discipline will make you the kind of person who attracts somebody really attractive.

Do you desire a good looking body and physique that people stare at with longing and jealousy?
With long, disciplined hours spent in the gym or exercising you can sculpt just such a body.

Do you desire fame, celebrity, influence and public notoriety?
With discipline you can build an attention worthy personal brand that will attract millions of social media followers, likes, raving fans and bitter haters.

Do you desire health and vitality?
With discipline you can fix almost any health problem that holds you back and habituate good habits that make you happy and energetic all the time.

Do you desire a happy, loving family?
Discipline is crucial to healthy familial relationships. Without it your family life will be a cauldron of dysfunction.

Perhaps you’re more altruistic instead? You desire more than anything else to leave the world better than you found it and make a positive impact.
Social revolutionaries and thought leaders without discipline consistently make the world much worse despite their good intentions.

Discipline gives you the freedom to do or be whatever you want.
Discipline will give you the freedom to flourish in the career and vocation of your choosing.
Discipline will give you the resources to be free to go and do whatever you want.
Discipline will give you freedom from the petty tyrants in your personal life.
Discipline will free you from the vices and bad habits that hold you back.
Perhaps you lack political freedom and are oppressed by the powers that bewhere you live. Discipline will give you the power and resources to fight back, change the system and resist tyranny or the means to pack up, leave and go somewhere more free.

The problem with discipline

If you don’t already have it, it’s damned hard to get.
If you don’t have discipline you’ll fail over and over in your plans and ambitious projects.
You’ll frustratingly repeat your own personal history cycle of hope, striving, failure and crushing disappointment.
You’ll rationalize and come up with elaborate excuses for your failure and lack of follow through. 
You’ll believe in conspiracy theories about a system of oppression that’s holding you down.
You’ll talk about working smart instead of working hard, but the truth is that you do neither.
You may go to personal development events or hire coaches that motivate you for a few days or weeks but the clarity of purpose, focus and intensity will not last long enough for you to accomplish anything meaningful.
You’ll grow a little more cynical and bitter every year; your self loathing will gestate into bouts of depression and illness.

Yet when you have discipline, you have momentum. You slowly but surely accomplish your goals. You become happier, which makes you less needy, which makes you more attractive to other people. People call you out of the blue with great opportunities. Your success begets more success.

Discipline evokes a stereotype of a hard nosed, workaholic old man but the truth is that when you have discipline life is way more fun. When you’re working you really work but when you’re relaxing and playing life is sublimely beautiful. You’re free of petty time wasting chores, tasks, obligations and worries that suck the joy out of life.

We’ve all met old or middle aged people who were, honestly, losers
They were in dead end careers that sucked the life out of them. They had health problems and bad habits. They looked bad and smelled bad. They had an awkward, creepy way of communicating. Their personal lives were a wreck, they complained about their failed marriages and their children hated them. 
This is the life that awaits you if fail to become disciplined.

Discipline is hard to get

{module Self Control}

Some of us were lucky to have parents or a community that spent years or decades instilling discipline but but many of us have to learn discipline as adults.

Jocko acquired the discipline that now makes him a successful author and entrepreneur thanks to decades of military training and service.That’s one way to get it, but the cost is very high, you may even pay with your life on the battlefield of a foreign land.

There’s other paths to discipline…

  • Exercise and fitness.
  • Entrepreneurship and business.
  • Mastery of technology; learning programming, building websites or tinkering with hardware.
  • Martial arts
  • Many young men devote years of their lives to learning the art of seduction; practicing social dynamics.
  • Spiritual or religious devotion to a church, movement or mindfulness practice.
  • Studying seriously in college to prepare for a serious profession (that you may end up hating!)

If you’ve embarked on one of these paths you know that you don’t get that far without discipline. But discipline can be quite the catch-22; you need discipline to get discipline but if you don’t have discipline you really struggle to get discipline.

Luckily there is a shortcut to discipline; a class of safe, none addictive legal drugs called Nootropics or smart drugs that consistently improve focus and motivation. Modafinil is one of the most popular and praised Nootropics.

Modafinil is a cheat code for discipline.

I’m not suggesting that you use these drugs forever and become dependent upon them for your productivity; I certainly don’t. I’m suggesting that you use these drugs like a cheat code; as a short term measure to build momentum towards your goals and to jump start your discipline with practicing habits that produce more discipline.

Modafinil is a wakefulness drug

Modafinil’s pharmacological purpose is as wakefulness drug for narcoleptic people. To quote from an interesting 2017 UK paper on military surgical teams dealing with the challenge of sleep deprivation:

Modafinil is an alerting substance, also used to treat excessive sleepiness due to narcolepsy, obstructive sleep apnoea and shift work sleep disorder. It is preferable to amphetamine and dextroamphetamine as it is less addictive and has fewer of amphetamine’s side effects, which include insomnia, anxiety, increased alertness and decreased hunger. The exact mechanism of modafinil is unclear but it is thought to increase the concentration of monoamines and hypothalamic histamines, thus promoting a state of wakefulness. It has proven useful in increasing certain aspects of cognitive function in sleep-deprived physicians after night shifts.

If you’re not a narcoleptic the effect it has is just making you really awake and alert for a long time; as much as 20 hours. That’s why militaries and air forces around the world give it to their most elite soldiers whose lives and missions depend upon extreme alertness.
The wakefulness effect is one of the major things that makes it a cheat code…

Story time: Not long ago I attended pickup artist meetup in my town, which can be a great place to meet like-minded guys interested in personal development. An informal talk was given about holistic personal development; learning the art of seduction, while doing fitness and entrepreneurship. I was chatting with a dutch guy who was totally new to the game and personal development. 
I explained to him that
learning game was a major commitment, if he wanted to take it seriously he should be prepared to spend multiple long nights out every week talking to girls, getting experience, he should spend several hours a week in the gym and at least 20 minutes daily doing meditation.
He was a bit taken aback by the time commitment of real personal development; he asked
when the hell do you get any sleep?
I admitted that I use these drugs; that allow me to function at 110% on a whole lot less sleep!

A time hack

Most people need 8 hours of sleep a night, to have 8–10 productive hours in the day and if they’re being honest with themselves the last working hour or two in the evening is pretty mediocre.
If you use Modafinil can easily get by on about 6 hours of sleep and will have 8–12 productive hours in the day.
With Modafinil you gain between 2–6 very productive hours a day.

Perhaps you’re not like my Dutch friend, let’s say you’re on the path to discipline through entrepreneurship and fitness. 
As none pharmacologically enhanced person, you would get up around 8AM or 9AM, go to your job in the morning, work 8 hours, come home and you’ll be kind of tired, you’ll have maybe an hour or two of productivity left in you, you can go to the gym or work on your entrepreneurial projects. The time you spend working on your entrepreneurial stuff are certainly not your best hours of the day. Hopefully you’re not distracted by your family or some other demand of your time in the evening.
Contrast this to someone on Modafinil; they wake up at 6AM and work for 2–3 hours undistracted on what really matters to them, then they go their job for 8 hours, they are alert and awake the whole day, then they come home and have ample energy and focus to workout, work on their entrepreneurial stuff, read a book, write or spend quality time with their family.

Cognitive Enhancer

Modafinil is so popular among silicon valley tech wizards and Wall Street traders because it’s a hardcore cognitive enhancer, a quintessential smart drug.
A trial of 60 patients observed that it helped both…
Episodic memory — Memory of your past; the house lived in during your childhood, your first job, your first kiss, etc
Working memory — The RAM of your mind that you use for problem solving.
The team of researchers concluded

…modafinil (200 mg) could improve episodic memory and working memory performance in patients with remitted depression. Modafinil may have potential as a therapeutic agent to help remitted depressed patients with persistent cognitive difficulties.

That study was done with depressed people BUT otherwise healthy people consistently report that it’s a potent enhancer of their capacity to do intellectual labor or complex problem solving, like…

  • Computer programming
  • Writing about technical subjects
  • Graphic design
  • Mathematical or geospatial reasoning
  • Navigating a complex environment
  • Financial or economic trend analysis
  • Studying scientific literature

Modafinil Improves Episodic Memory and Working Memory Cognition in Patients With Remitted…
Biol Psychiatry Cogn Neurosci Neuroimaging. 2017 Mar;2(2):115–122. doi: 10.1016/

Motor Control Enhancement

Many cheat codes imbue enhanced physical abilities to run faster, jump higher or fight better. 
Modafinil won’t radically enhance athletic prowess but there are about 60 published pieces of scientific research drawing a connection between Modafinil and motor coordination. Modafinil users report that it enhances their physical capacity for…

  • Exercise and weight lifting
  • Athletic training
  • Marksmanship
  • Martial arts
  • Hip hop or latin dancing
  • Or playing sports (like my friend Adriano here)

((Motor[Title/Abstract]) AND Modafinil[Title/Abstract]) — PubMed — NCBI
PubMed comprises more than 28 million citations for biomedical literature from MEDLINE, life science journals, and…

An Income Hack

Modafinil isn’t exactly cheap (at least compared to other Nootropics), costing between $1 — $3 per pill, high performers choose it over other Nootropics because consistently it pays off.
A friend of mine, who is a pretty successful business person, once nonchalantly mentioned to me over beers in Medellín, Colombia that he probably nets an additional $100,000 a year because of his frequent Modafinil habit.
I’ve conducted a couple of informal surveys online in forums and Facebook groups

  • The majority of people who use Modafinil respond that it modestly increases their income.
  • About 5% report that it’s drastically increased in income.
  • A small proportion report no change at all.

And oddly this question always seems to offend some people!

Modafinil changes your personality

I’ve used it myself for 4 years and talked to a lot of people who use it and as far as I can tell it does subtly change your personality over time.

  • It makes you more disciplined and focused.
  • More opportunistic and assertive.
  • More analytical and calculating.
  • More judgemental and critical.

Imagine a character from an Ayn Rand novel who remembers and practices all 48 of the 48 Laws of Power, you’ll be a bit more like that. If you’re a happy-go-lucky, go with the flow kind of person and you want to stay that way Modafinil might not be for you.

It may even make you feel like a psychopath sometimes…

Social Skills

In real life the cheat code for negotiating a raise at your job, closing a sale, acing an interview, ingratiating yourself with a more elite social circle or scoring a date with hottie is, of course, your social skills or more precisely verbal intelligence.

Interestingly there’s kind of conflicting anecdotal reports about this online…

  • A lot people find that Modafinil really gives them an edge in social interaction, it improves their vocabulary noticeably and makes them wittier. A lot of pickup artist guys will drop a Modafinil tablet before a night out spent cold approaching women in discos; they report that not only does it enhance their verbal dexterity and player instincts, it also gives them stamina to stay out till 4AM, 5AM or however long it takes for them to pull.
  • But some people find that it makes them myopically focused on logical problem solving, which is counter intuitive to relaxing and having fun socializing. Also, you really shouldn’t combine Modafinil and alcohol.
Personally, for the longest time I would schedule my Modafinil days on days when I did not have social plans in the evenings because I would be in a bit of an anti-social mood. However, recently I found that if I do only 100 milligrams of Modafinil combined with a midday mindfulness practice (could be 20 minutes of meditation or 10 minutes of brain training) and about 5–10 milligrams of Nicotine (from Nicotine gum, mouth spray or another source — I don’t smoke) it has the same effect of making me very focused and alert but I’m not an antisocial zombie by the end of the day.

Nicotine USP Solution in 100% Propylene Glycol (30 mL) — BlueBrainBoost
Skip to content Nicotine is an parasympathomimetic alkaloid naturally abundant in tobacco. Evidence suggests that…

You’ll have to experiment and see how Modafinil affects your social self.

Combat Skills

Many cheat codes improve your character’s combat skills; making you a more lethal sniper or sneaky assassin.

One of the most famous Modafinil trials was conducted in 2004 at the US Air Force Research Laboratory with F-117 stealth fighter pilots.

Because Modafinil has such a potent vigilance enhancing effect, at least several of the world’s leading militiaries give it to their most crucial soldiers. 
This (awfully written!) BBC story reports that in 2006 the United Kingdom’s Ministry of Defense stockpiled vast amounts of Modafinil to give front line combat personnel an edge.

BBC NEWS | UK | UK Politics | UK army tested ‘stay awake’ pills
By Brian Wheeler Political reporter, BBC News Special forces sometimes have to stay awake for 48 hours or more A…

Tolerance Curve

Similar to video game cheat codes, if you use Modafinil too frequently, it deprives you from really enjoying the game.
Most otherwise healthy, none-narcoleptic people who use Modafinil more frequently than two or three times weekly run into a steep tolerance curve in the performance enhancing effects of the drug.

  • The cognition enhancing effect will last for only a few hours as opposed to all day.
  • You’ll have a Modafinil hangoverthe day after, you’ll be a bit less clever and energetic.
  • It may even cause some brain fog or a headache.

You’ll have to experiment on your own but many high performing Modafinil users find that it works best if you plan your week around two or three days of intense productivity that you take Modafinil.

Biohacking for Multi-Players

You may have found that gaming with friends makes it a much richer, competitive and bonding social experience compared with solo play. You can certainly biohack solo, it’s the secret weapon that gives an unfair advantage to many top 1% elite performers. However, I think that getting involved with a biohacker community online is a great way to accelerate your personal development. 
That’s why I offer a free 25 minute consultation and a membership in an exclusive online community to anyone who invests at least $150 in their biohacking with Details explained in these videos…

Alternatively, you could form your own mini biohacker secret society with some of your friends or colleagues who share your ambition, penchant for self experimentation or passion for cryptocurrency. You could save some (bit)coinby pooling your money with friends and purchasing a larger supply (at a price as low as .89 cents per pill) of Modafinil. has +400 pages of information demystifying Lifehacking, Biohacking and Smart Drugs -that’s kind of an overwhelming amount of information. As soon as you join the Limitless Mindset Community (It’s free!) we give you instant access to an interactive infographic which visually breaks the widely disparate topics we cover in exhaustively in our articles, videos and podcasts.