31 Reasons to try Brain Supplements

Many people searching the internet for an NZT-like mind power boosting substance will find Nootropic brain supplements.

2017 Update: After personally using brain supplements almost every day for over 6 years, the most important reason I see to try them is that they are literal gateway drugs to willpower. Willpower isn’t a very sexy subject (although I tried to make it one) but willpower is the ultimate lifehack because if you have willpower you get to have anything else you desire.

  • If you don’t have willpower, you probably don’t realize how important it is to your happiness.
  • If you don’t have willpower, you won’t practice the hard habits you need to practice to acquire more willpower.
  • If you don’t have willpower, you’ll continually fail to meet your goals and you’ll live a life of quiet desperation.
  • If you don’t have willpower, you can’t get it by reading self help books or listening to inspiring podcasts. Sorry!

Smart drugs give you willpower. Fast. 25–45 minutes after consumption the Nootropic agents will cross your blood brain barrier boosting the neurotransmitters Serotonin, Dopamine and ACh which will noticeably improve your self control for 4–6 hours.
After trying over 70 different smart drugs, I found one that I call the Discipline Molecule; more than any other Nootropic I’ve tried, I just do 100% of what I know I should be doing when I’m on this drug. Click here to get a detailed report on this smart drug and some infotaining videos analyzing what human studies are saying about the Discipline Molecule.

The primary reason that people have been taking Nootropic brain supplements for +40 years is too feel smarter, focus better and be more productive. Fast.

However, that’s not all that Nootropics do. Checkout the list below of health, lifestyle and other practical benefits of supplementation.

“Demonstrated that…”
Below you’ll frequently find some desired effect attributed to a particular Nootropic. You maybe wondering…
Is there science substantiating these claims?
Yes. I link to meta analysis articles I’ve done of these Nootropics that quote directly or cite double blind, placebo controlled studies. I encourage you to do your own research and read these studies.

A Quick Story…

I was alone in my office on a Friday night after an eventful and demanding 11 hour day working on an invoice to send out to a client.
I was mentally juggling about 10 different projects at the moment.
I had not had a proper meal in +7 hours.
I was also in the middle of texting friends, solidifying our social plans for the evening.
I was worried about a software upgrade my hosting company was demanding.
As much as I wanted to press the invitingly blue ‘Send Now’ button, fire off the invoice and shut down my computer I double checked the accounting on the invoice, cross referenced my email threads with the client and caught an error that would have cost me $70.
A couple of evenings later I was on a date; savoring a meal at one of the nicer restaurants in downtown Medellin, Colombia and a surprisingly stimulating conversation with a 22 year old girl. The thought crossed my mind that my accounting ‘save’ was essentially paying for the rich ambiance, flavor and beauty that surrounded me.
At the time I was on a downright expensive Nootropic cocktail. Can I credit all my attention to detail, discipline and general coolness under fire to the smart drugs flowing in my veins? That’s hard to say for sure… I’ve had enough moments while on Nootropics that my focus, attention and creativity either saved the day or delivered the rock star results that people pay me the big bucks for.
The bottom line for me is that smart drugs have delivered me an excellent ROI in productivity, imperviousness to distraction and rich life experiences.

By the End of this Article…

The healthy skepticism that hopefully you feel about ‘smart drugs’ will be addressed. You’ll understand the specific, measurable and disparate benefits that this class of supplements delivers. Most importantly you will be better prepared to make the very serious decision about using (or not using) these tools to enrich your life experience.

Improved mind-body coordination.

A very important job of Nootropic substances is to boost the primary neurotransmitter Acetylcholine. Acetylcholine is the primary chemical messenger that communicates in between the brain’s gray matter and your muscles. Acetylcholine comes from the nootropics Alpha GPC, Choline & DMAE. Motor function is also aided by Bacopa. A 1996 Australian Study and a 2004 paper published in Powerlifting USA Magazine showed strong correlation between athletic performance and Acetylcholine.

Makes you more articulate.

One of the most pleasant immediate effects of good Nootropics is that it will increase your mastery of your words and vocabulary. You will find yourself using a little more flowery grammar, obscure words that you haven’t used in years and generally being more creative especially while on Nootropics containing Piracetam, Green Tea extracts and L-Theanine. L-Tyrosine also increases verbal intelligence and sociability according to some bloggers.

Improves your confidence and ability to socialize.

Like in the movie Limitless, increasing your neurotransmitters, focus and creativity will naturally make you more confident and outgoing in social, dating and business situations.

Sleep better.

Acetylcholine and it’s nootropic precursors promote REM sleep. 5-HTP normalizes sleep patterns, a 1988 study suggests that DMAE induced lucid dreams. For those who occasionally suffer from Narcolepsy or circadian rhythm related sleep disorders, Modafinil (notorious for causing near NZT-48 like levels of mind power) will ensure empowered wakefulness when you need it the most. 150 milligrams of L-Tyrosine will give you an extra 3 hours of alert mindset if you are operating on not enough sleep.

Gets you fired up and productive in the morning.

Mornings are so valuable to life hackers and Nootropics allow you to extract the maximum productivity out of this golden 4–6 hours you have everyday. A Nootropic like Piracetam, BrainStack or Excelerol taken upon rolling out of bed, will begin to kick-in like a cup of coffee brewed by Zeus himself in about 30–60 minutes but unlike a cup of Joe you WON’T need to caffeine reup 90 minutes later to maintain your energy and focus.

Makes you a better writer.

For the authors, bloggers, novelists, copywriters or students with an important paper due Nootropics will, like in the 2011 film Limitless, improve your focus, creativity and dexterity as a writer. For creativity: Green Tea extract, Piracetam and L-Theanine.

Boosts your two feel good neurotransmitters; serotonin and dopamine.

The two chemicals of pleasure can be stimulated and sustainably increased by Nootropic intake. Nootropics: 5-HTP, Bacopa, Green Tea, L-Tyrosine, Vitamin B12 and Phenylalanine.

Prescription drug alternative.

Nootropics have been shown in numerous studies to quite effectively treat or prevent a lot of conditions that the pharmaceutical industry profiteers upon. What do Nootropics prevent or even cure? Depression, anxiety, ADHD, sleep related disorders, Alzheimer’s disease and other degenerative brain diseases. Antidepressants alone have been linked to decreased sexual desire, weight gain, even an increased risk of suicide, those going off antidepressants will also frequently report symptoms of withdrawal; dizziness, nausea, diarrhea, sweats, chills, itching, disorientation, headaches and mood swings.

Superior in multiple dimensions to coffee.

Many productivity rockstars are highly dependant upon the dark nectar of wired up bitterness. While coffee is a great source of antioxidants, unless we are talking about Bulletproof Coffee, it likely contains mold and mycotoxins which are bad for your brain. The cost, in time and money of a daily coffee habit (ESPECIALLY if you frequent coffee shops) is double, triple and sometimes more than a reasonable monthly Nootropics budget; which starts around $15/monthly and goes up to about $100/monthly for the cadillac of Nootropic stacks.

Eliminates the post lunch/mid afternoon productivity lull.

Life hackers, entrepreneurs, students and high performing professionals worldwide loathe the mid afternoon body energy lull, that sensation of needing a nap in middle of the day when you know you should be doing your best work. Nootropics like B Vitamins, Piracetam and caffeine will help you maintain a high baseline of mental energy throughout the entire day.

Reverses glutamate and acetylcholinesterase damage to your brain.

When you inevitably eat things like bread and pasta they turn into the neurotoxic glutamate in your brain. Acetylcholinesterase, a chemical antagonist which destroys acetylcholine is itself combated by Bacopa and Huperzine A, so the enemy of your enemy is your friend.

Boosts Neuroplasticity.

Plasticity, the cognitive function we employ whenever we learn new skills, a new language, form new memories, make new friends, recover from brain damage, or adapt to new challenges or situations, is maintained and boosted by Nootropics. Fatty amino acids are one of the most essential building blocks of new brain cells and synaptic connections, the biological components of neuroplasticity. Supplementing Omega-3 Fish Oil or Krill Oil everyday will supply your brain with these aminos that the average western diet is highly deficient in. Vitamin B12 is also essential to the manufacture of new neurotransmitters.

Fights physiological and psychological stress.

Stress is without a doubt the least limitless thing in your life. If there’s one chemical that can by blamed for making life bad, it’s cortisol. The following Nootropics work to regulate cortisol and protect your brain from oxidative stress with potent antioxidants and minimize your perception of stress: Bacopa, Ginkgo Biloba, Green Tea, Phosphatidylserine, L-Carnitine, L-Theanine, L-Tyrosine and Vitamin B3.

Prevents obesity.

The Nootropics 5-HTP and Green Tea fight obesity by boosting metabolism, body energy and even blocking chemicals that motivate us to overeat. Nootropics in general promote a more conscious and active lifestyle, a person wired up on nootropics is NOT going to spend 3 hours sitting on the couch eating potato chips.

Promotes lucid dreaming.

The common Nootropics DMAE and Huperzine A drastically increase the likelihood of having lucid, entertaining, highly aware, Inception-like dreams every night.

Improves your ability to learn new languages.

The myriad of cognitively empowering effects of Nootropics make you more effective at learning new languages. You will find it significantly easier to learn vocabulary and grammar rules. Your increased confidence will give you more opportunities to practice the new language and make friends. When paired with memory association systems you can become conversationally fluent in as little as 60–90 days in a brand new language.

Anti-aging effects on the brain.

Aging begins to negatively affect the brain in people as young as 25. Combating oxidative stress and regulating cortisol levels is directly proportional to the gracefulness with which your mind ages. Ultimately lethal neurodegenerative conditions like Alzheimer’s disease, dementia, post-stroke aphasia, and geriatric cognitive disorders can be prevented, treated and sometimes even reversed using Nootropics. Nootropics to keep your mind young: Alpha GPC, Bacopa, L-Carnitine, Niacin, Piracetam, Vitamin B12, and coconut derived MCT Oil. DMAE and L-Tyrosine even remove skin wrinkles.

Protects DNA.

Bacopa protects and Niacin is a repair agent for DNA.

Prevents and fights cancer.

Bacopa cleans up free radicals that can turn into cancer, Niacinamide is used in combination with Vitamin C for cancer therapy. Vitamin D prevents tumor angiogenesis, DHA fights multiple types of cancer in your body, White Tea extract fights lung cancer cells. Multiple studies done across the globe have demonstrated that Green Tea is one the most potent cancer fighting agents along with the phytochemical anthocyanin. For decades cancer research has correlated high levels of stress and runaway cortisol levels to higher occurrence of cancer, as you already know at this point one of the primary things that Nootropics do most consistently is decrease stress and regulate cortisol levels to a happy medium. In general, people on Nootropics are significantly more likely to live the kind of active, biologically introspective lifestyle that keeps them cancer free.

Boosts libido and sexual appetite.

Ginkgo Biloba and Ginseng (in a proportion of 60/40) work in concert to empower your mind and your libido. L-Tyrosine boosts sex drive and has a positive effect on erectile dysfunction. Horny Goat Weeds functions as a sensation enhancer (for him and her) for several hours within dosing, long term it boosts testostone. Finally, if you are a single person Nootropics will make you more bold, articulate and confident in social situations which will inevitably get you laid more often!

Improves blood circulation to the brain.

Our brain receives all the Nootropics mentioned here via the blood-brain barrier. Our brain completely relies upon a constant source of blood and oxygen to operate at it’s fullest capacity, if your blood flow is cut off for just a few seconds you will go unconscious. The Nootropic Vinpocetine causes vasodilation, which is the widening of the main arteries that deliver blood, oxygen and nutrients to the brain.

Prevents depression, anxiety and schizophrenia.

Nootropics consistently balance and maintain the brain chemistry that results in a healthy psyche. 5-HTP, Bacopa, DHA, DMAE the chemical precursor of ACh along with Ginkgo Biloba, L-Tyrosine, Piracetam and Vitamin B12 are demonstrated in studies to prevent, treat and in some cases cure psychological disorders.

For vegans and vegetarians: feeds you essential nutrients.

Those who refrain from eating meat miss out on a lot of nutrients that feed our brains which occur in animal protein or are synthesized by bacteria in our gut biom that comes from animal foods. Vegans and vegetarians should regularly supplement; L-Carnitine, Vitamin B12, essential to manufacturing neurotransmitters and Omega-3, a supplemental must for those who don’t eat fish regularly.

Saves you money.

Eating a totally organic diet containing all the brain feeding nutraceuticals mentioned in this article would cost you at least several hundred extra dollars every month just in groceries. The daily coffee shop or energy drink habit that many workaholics have costs anywhere from +$70/monthly to several hundred monthly. The cognitively superior, sustainable and significantly healthier productivity buzz you get from Nootropics will cost you $100/monthly max.

Saves you time.

The vast majority of Nootropics are taken in pill form, so they take just a few seconds out of your morning or after lunch to swallow with a glass of water. In contrast, the other habits people employ to maximize their energy and productivity (coffee shop visits, buying energy drinks from gas stations, buying special groceries, taking power naps during the day, meditation breaks, etc) will eat up at least several productive hours a month.

Help you beat addictions.

Nootropic substances like Piracetam, 5-HTP and L-Tyrosine deepen your perception of reward and arousal from healthy pleasure stimuli; eating good food, spending time with loved ones, sex, physical touch, accomplishing goals, exercise, relaxation, etc. This has been shown to help those suffering from alcohol and methamphetamine addiction.

No amphetamine related health risks.

Many popular pharmaceuticals like Ritalin, Adderral, Dexedrine, Dextrostat, Desoxyn, Didrex, ProCentra, and Vyvanse, as well as Benzedrine or Psychedrine contain or metabolize into addictive amphetamines. Tolerance increases rapidly meaning that you will have to constantly increase dosage to maintain the desired effect, overdose can lead to psychosis, hypertension and chest pain. Amphetamines can also be very dangerous for those with heart conditions.

Relatively non-existent side effects.

One of the single greatest reasons to take nootropics as a preventative measure OR to treat a condition is the relative lack of negative side effects. For a frightening experience, go check the potential side effects of some of the more popular pharmaceuticals for the same kinds of conditions that Nootropics prevent or treat more effectively. Many of the pharmaceuticals on the market that treat depression, anxiety, ADHD or problems sleeping introduce a serious medical risk, can cause cancer and even death in rare cases. After personally experimenting for 6 years with numerous Nootropics at sometimes quite high dosages the worst side effect I ever encountered was a level of slight irritation with people around me who were ‘slower’ than me.

Supports small business people.

Unlike the pharmaceutical or food industry where management is ensconced in the ivory tower of capitalism, solely concerned with profitability, the majority of Nootropics companies are privately owned by small business people who stake their personal reputations on the effectiveness of their products. I’ve personally met and dealt with the management and owners of a number of companies in the Nootropics industry, they are not corporate zombies or profiteering tycoons, in my experience they are highly intellectual individuals who aspire to the most noble ideals of socially responsible entrepreneurship.

Money Back Guarantee.

The better Nootropic supplements on the market come with 100% money back guarantees; if you don’t get impressive gains in mind power you get your money back. Some nootropics companies even let you test drive their products with free trial offers.

Credible Nootropics

Brain Cross Training…

Is a strategy utilized by elite Biohackers to maximize the ROI of Nootropics using brain training software; it basically entails brain training under the influence of smart drugs and recording some results. Which is tantamount to a body builder that maximizes their gains in the gym while under the influence of a powerful preworkout supplement. Get a free download of my favorite smart phone fluid intelligence training App — the only one demonstrated in human studies to have ‘transfer effects’ to real life.

How to get Nootropics Internationally

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