The ZCast Launch, the Crucial Lessons I Learned, and Mistakes I Made Along the Way
Hillel Fuld

Lots to absorb here, it helps that I’ve been watching and waiting from early on to see when an incredible launch was going to land merrily in everyone’s laps.

I had no doubt this was an app that was going to skyrocket, especially after hearing about it on the roof of WeWork back then.

So I’ll say it like this, startup people out there, read this, save the link front and center, schedule a reminder at every major milestone to reread this. It is a case study to be read and reread. A huge hat tip for sharing all these actionable lessons, Hillel.

Congratulations to you all who worked on ZCast. Hillel, Farhana, Raz and the whole team. You should be totally proud of what you’ve achieved… Now you’ve set the bar, I’m waiting to see what’s next.

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