6 Steps To Create Your Life On Purpose And Get Everything You Truly Want

Here are 6 basic steps to create your life on purpose and get what you want here in this life experience:

1. Ask

2. Acknowledge

3. Align

4. Act

5. Allow

6. Attract

1) Ask With The Focus Of Your Attention

The first step in creating your life on purpose is to ask for what you truly want. Recognize that what you truly want isn’t any particular things or people, but the experience — the thoughts and feelings — that you imagine you would have if you had these things or people. So identify what you really want to be thinking and feeling, and imagine this, and focus your attention on this, and step into this. Make this experience a reality for yourself right now. This is how you ask.

2) Acknowledge And Address

The second step is to acknowledge any thoughts or feelings that come up that do not fit what you want, and to acknowledge that they have originated with you and your focus of attention and how you have treated yourself. When these thoughts and feelings are coming up, this is your internal GPS saying to you, “You’re asking for this great experience, but you haven’t created this great experience for me before now. Up until now, this negative stuff is what I’ve felt with you. Could you please acknowledge this and could we please address this?”

At this point, it is up to you to recognize that all of your experiences in life ultimately came from you. The world simply mirrored them back at you, supporting you in experiencing what you were already making yourself experience. Other people and the world around you and your life circumstances have treated you the way you have treated yourself. So if your experiences haven’t been positive, this is your time to take responsibility for your experience — not blame yourself, but take responsibility — and apologize to your own internal GPS for treating it in these less-than-ideal ways.

3) Align With What You Are Asking For

The third step is to align with what you actually want and have asked for. After you’ve acknowledged your responsibility for your experience and what your GPS’s experiences have been with you, and you’ve addressed and apologized to your internal GPS for treating it in less-than-ideal ways, you want to redirect to get aligned with what you actually want. You do this by letting your internal GPS know how you would like to make it feel instead going forward. You want to make it feel positive things that are in alignment with your experiencing what you are asking for now. So tell yourself this. “Going forward, I would like to make you feel _________________ instead.”

4) Act From This Place Of Alignment

Once you’ve gotten aligned with what you really want, and you’re feeling it, the next step is to make decisions and act from this positive feeling place. Do what feels right from this place. Ask yourself, “How would I feel after I do this?” If it feels like you would feel good, do it. If it feels like you wouldn’t feel good, don’t do it. If nothing feels like it would feel good, address what isn’t feeling good by responding to it, and perhaps come up with other options and ask yourself how you would feel if you did those things instead. When you come up with something that feels like it would feel good after you already acted on it, act on it.

5) Allow What You Want To Come

As you act, and after you’ve acted, on what feels good from your aligned place, the next step is to allow what you want to come to you. If you focus on what isn’t happening, what hasn’t happened yet, or what you’re afraid might happen, you will be blocking what you want from coming to you. If you focus on what is happening in the right direction, what has already happened in the right direction, and what you imagine could happen in the right direction toward what you want, you will be allowing what you want to come to you. So focus on and celebrate — and thereby encourage more of — everything that happens and that has happened that is moving you in the direction toward what you’ve asked for. No matter how small it is, if you focus on it and celebrate it, you will allow more of it to come.

6) Attract All That You’ve Asked For

Once you are focusing on what you want to be happening, you become a magnet for this. At this point, you attract what you have asked for into your life. Your life circumstances and the world around you support you in thinking and feeling everything you have asked to experience as you attract to you more reasons to be experiencing these things that you have focused on, become aligned with, and acted upon.

Put It All Into Action!

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